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Mercredi 03 Février 2021
In its second report, the National Productivity Board (NPB) focuses on the consequences of the unprecedented economic crisis generated by Covid-19 on the productivity and competitiveness of France. The report compares developments in France to those in other European countries.
Les effets de la crise Covid-19 sur la productivité et la compétitivité

Download the second report – The effects of the Covid-19 crisis on productivity and competitiveness

This report presents an in-depth comparison of the emergency and recovery plans announced by European countries. A detailed compilation of all measures announced by the six largest European economies is presented. The potential impacts of these measures on current imbalances within the euro zone is estimated.

 Faced with a foreseeable wave of bankruptcies, the report also puts forward several options to avoid the exit of viable and productive companies.

 Finally, the report devotes a chapter to the question of France's performance in the skills present in its labor force. The skills acquired by the youth in formal education, and by adults in lifelong learning, are well-below what could be expected, which has negative consequences for productivity.