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Lundi 23 Février 2015
The law on economic growth and activity (“Loi pour la croissance et l'activité”) is designed to create the conditions for a rebound in French economic and employment growth. Assessing the potential effects of its main legal provisions is thus important to ensure that the debate -including in Parliament- is conducted in an objective manner.
On overview of the conclusions drawn by the evaluation committee

Emmanuel Macron, Minister of the Economy, Industry and the Digital Sector asked Jean Pisani-Ferry, France Stratégie’s Commissionergeneral, to set up an ad hoc temporary evaluation committee to assess the law; this committee was chaired by Anne Perrot, Professor at Paris-I University and ENSAE, Partner at the MAPP consulting firm, and former Vice-President of the Autorité de la concurrence (France’s competition authority).

The evaluation committee worked on five issues: Sunday work, mobility, reform of prud'hommes (the Labour Court), regulated law-professions and commercial real estate. The committee was composed of French and foreign independent experts with acknowledged competence in the evaluation of public policies. It investigated the experience of other countries that have enacted similar laws. It considered, in particular, the works of international institutions and the theoretical and empirical academic literature.

Beyond the impact of these measures on growth and employment, the committee evaluated, as far as possible, their environmental and social dimensions, using a multi-criteria approach.

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