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Jeudi 26 Septembre 2013
There has never been so much uncertainty concerning the future of European integration. Its difficulties in creating a shared prosperity and a socially progressive outlook, in generating incontestable added value against global competition and in fostering an ambition espoused by its citizens have depleated the energy of Europe.
What Project for Europe?

The Eurozone crisis and the divergence between countries have heightened the perception of Europe as an incomplete institutional framework that has failed to make its intentions clear in order to attain its objectives, and in which the decision-making process is too far removed from citizens. Nevertheless, the value of the Union remains, whether in terms of making its 500 million-strong consumer market a lever for growth and influence or of upholding the values of peace, democracy and economic and social progress.

In order for France to play a dynamic role in the European project and its ideal of shared prosperity, its ambitions must be made clear. Can the single market be reformulated? Within the eurozone, can there be parallel progress in budgetary responsibility and solidarity? Can risks and sovereignty be shared? Is political union desirable and on what basis? How should the debate on European borders be framed? To what lengths are we prepared to go for the stability and prosperity of our neighbours?

In sum, what are the economic and political conditions required in order for France successfully to pursue an ambitious strategy of European renewal? These are some of the questions that we are required to address at this time.

Contributors: Marine Boisson, Etienne Espagne, Cécile Jolly, Jean-Paul Nicolaï, François Veilliard

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