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Jeudi 02 Juillet 2015
As France examines the fractures that divide its social model and as the government prepares measures designed to promote the civic and economic participation of residents from disadvantaged neighbourhoods, it is essential to act based on an analysis that distinguishes the multiple reasons that impede the economic integration of “young people with immigrant backgrounds.”
Young People with Immigrant Banckgrounds: What Are the Barriers to Their Economic Integration?

These difficulties can be identified in education, employment, housing and living conditions; they are particularly marked for certain population groups, including boys, children with tw immigrant parents and descendants of African immigrants. These difficulties primarily reflect the socioeconomic situation of these young people and that of their parents, exposed to the shortcomings of our public policy: labour market entry barriers for the young and less-skilled, strong influence of the socio-economic background of students on their academic achievement, lack of fluidity in the housing market and discrimination in society. The observations are similar for residents of disadvantaged neighbourhoods.

Whether in education, employment or housing, analysis shows that a significant part of these people's disparities, in comparison with those not directly descended from immigrants, cannot be explained solely by socio-demographic factors. Such a finding argues for supplementing ordinarylaw policies with specific policies designed to fight inequality. That is why France Stratégie will soon provide proposals to make our public policy more favourable for these populations, who are subject to multiple difficulties.

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  • School careers that do not favour economic integration
  • Difficult integration into the labour market, expecially for young people of african origin
  • Spatial concentration and housing conditions
  • Income, health and participation in society

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