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Mardi 30 Mars 2021
France Stratégie's programme for 2021 has a simple but demanding ambition: our work should provide useful contributions to public policy when the latter is facing unprecedented challenges. The health, economic, and social crisis of 2020 has represented a double-challenge for France Stratégie: taking it into account in our work in order to providedecision-makers and public opinion with up-to-date information on topical issues while intensifying our efforts to carry out the medium- and long-term projects initially planned. We believe that we have taken up this challenge.
Programme de travail 2021

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Promptly after the lockdown decision, we launched a call for contributions which allowed us to gather a rich array of reflections on “the world after” from many of our fellow citizens.
We were among the first to analyse the impact of the crisis on the vulnerability of various professions and employment areas that would be most affected by the crisis. We drew attention to potential tensions that could affect the security of electricity supply in the short, medium, and long term.

We have concurrently carried out an important work programme, distinguished by the growing number of requests addressed to us by the executive or at the National Assembly and Haut-Commissaire au Plan’s initiative. The share of public policy evaluations in our planned workload has further increased. France Stratégie and the Inspection Générale des Finances ensure the secretariat of The Committee for the Monitoring and Evaluation of Support Measures for Companies Confronted with the Covid-19 Epidemic, chaired by Benoît Cœuré.

France Stratégie’s 2021 programme aims to take a step further with the policy implemented over the past years: work that is precise, rigorous, impartial, as well as quantified as much as possible, involving stakeholders and experts throughout its conception, and providing public decision-makers and public opinion with information, analyses, forecasts, proposals, and practical assessments for the development of public policy and public action. This course of action has met the expectations of an audience that the unprecedented events of 2020 have brought to demonstrate a particular interest in these issues: the number of visits to our website has increased by 20% and the number of documents downloaded by 30%.

The selected topics follow up on the work carried out over the past three years: ecological transition, transformation of the production system, labour and employment evolutions, and policies fostering social progress. A new emphasis will be put, in the continuation of the “Sustainabilities” seminar series for example, on the way public decisions are taken, implemented, and how their evaluation is carried out and taken into account. A similar approach inspires the “Franco-German Forum for the Future”, for which we ensure the secretariat on the French side; it attempts to identify innovative practices that transform public action based on field-experiences.

Representative democracy seeks a new articulation with “consultative” democracy, which directly involves citizens, and with the conventional forms of taking into account intermediary bodies, which characterise social democracy in particular. The growing impatience of citizens regarding democracy makes these expectations even more acute. We strive to provide the first answers to these concerns. Our ambition is that these elements contribute to improving public action making, and allow it to meet greater trust from our fellow citizens.

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