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Mercredi 19 Février 2020
Act No. 2019-486 of 22 May 2019 on the growth and transformation of companies (PACTE Act) contains numerous regulatory and tax measures to promote the financing of the economy, company growth and employee profit-sharing.

These measures include the simplification of social thresholds for companies, the increased presence of employees in executive and supervisory boards, the greater mobility of retirement savings and life insurance contracts, the abolition of a particular social contribution on profit-sharing for companies with fewer than 250 employees, the launch of a unique online business creation platform, the supervision of the issue of virtual tokens (ICO), the protection of strategic French sectors and the sale of the State's holdings in Aéroports de Paris (ADP group), Française des Jeux (FDJ) and ENGIE.

Setting up and missions of the committee

The PACTE Act provides for the establishment of a "monitoring and evaluation mechanism" (chapter V, article 221-II). The Prime Minister's mission letter of 31 July 2019 addressed to the Commissioner General of France Stratégie establishes this committee and defines its composition. The committee comprises "one representative of each of the eight representative social partners, nine administrations and public bodies (Dares, DGFiP, DGE, Insee, DSS, DGT, DG Treasury, Acoss and Banque de France), as well as three experts from the academic world". The committee is chaired by Gilles de Margerie, General Commissioner of France Stratégie. Article 221 provides that "the first three annual reports shall contain sections on at least each" of the twenty-three topics it lists. The evaluation of the privatisation of ADP remains dependent on the results and follow-up of the initiative to set up a shared initiative referendum. The committee's annual reports must be submitted to Parliament before the tabling of the finance bill; they are public. In addition, the same article invites the committee to assess more broadly "the reforms aimed at enterprise development adopted by Parliament" and to assess "the understanding of the stakeholders and the possible undesirable effects of the reforms". This is why the committee will take over from the CICE monitoring committee from the report that will be submitted in 2020, and will be able to study, in particular, the changeover of the CICE to a system of reduced social security contributions.

This document is a methodological report: it briefly presents the context, the aim and the outlines of the various measures of the twenty-three measures, and identifies a certain number of indicators that the committee deems appropriate to measure, taking into account the available data sources, and the monitoring and evaluation methods foreseen, particularly with regard to the academic literature.

This report does not address methodological issues relating to evaluations other than those of the twenty-three measures listed in Article 221, in particular those to be carried out on CICE and the relevant measures to come.

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