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Mardi 03 Janvier 2023
For the proper allocation of public resources, the purpose of the Socio-Economic Evaluation is to assess, based on transparent criteria, the usefulness and collective value of public investment projects or public policies, including with regard to the top priority of protecting personal health.
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Executive Summary

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Accordingly, and to encourage the transfer of methodological developments from the healthcare sector (such as the use of a synthetic health metric) to other sectors and to highlight the cost of inaction, the Expert Committee on Socio-Economic Evaluation Methods, created by France Stratégie and the General Secretariat for Investment, launched a working group on the socio-economic evaluation of the health effects of public investment projects.

The working group sought to establish a methodology for estimating the tangible and intangible costs of health effects that could be applied to a number of different sectors, including four in particular: psychological damage of floods, health benefits of housing energy renovations, noise pollution generated by construction, and health benefits of physical activity in public spaces.


Jincheng Ni
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Alice Robinet
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Benoît Dervaux, Université de Lille et CHU de Lille
Lise Rochaix, PSE et Hospinnomics
Bénédicte Meurisse, CGDD
Sylvie Banoun, CGEDD
Silvano Domergue, CGDD
Paul Guéro, Cerema
Laurence Hartmann, Cnam
Claire-Lise Meynard, CGDD