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Mardi 24 Mars 2020
The CSR Platform was asked by Emmanuelle Wargon, Secretary of State to the Minister of Ecological Transition and Solidarity to study how to take into account the biodiversity footprint of companies in their non-financial reporting, identify good practices that could be generalised, and make recommendations to mobilise companies to address the issue of biodiversity preservation.
Avis - Empreinte biodiversité des entreprises

The Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services’ (IPBES) 2019 assessment of the historically unprecedented decline in biodiversity is a call to all stakeholders in all regions of the world.

The CSR Platform is concerned about the significant deterioration of the biodiversity, both in mainland France and in overseas territories and the rest of the world, as highlighted by scientists. All public authorities, civil society and citizens are invited to act at all levels to address this massive extinction of species, a direct consequence of human activity.

Companies must do their part to address the major challenges and consider their impacts on biodiversity. The CSR Platform is aware of the stakes involved and the fact that there can be no business, economy or human society without biodiversity.

In response to the Minister’s request, the CSR Platform set up a working group that conducted ten hearings to make a diagnosis and propose recommendations. Based in particular on the practices of companies and the tools and indicators available, it addresses its recommendations to the government, companies and their federations, investors and research actors.

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Corporate Biodiversity Footprint

Corporate biodiversity footprint


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