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Mercredi 15 Novembre 2017
[COE] The digital transformation of the economy and the progress of automation are fuelling deep changes in the content of jobs and the structure of employment. During this transition period, the major challenge is to ensure that there is a proper fit between workers’ skills and the needs of a changing economy, to enable everyone to have a quality job and to take full advantage of the transformation that is under way.

Volume 2 of this report intends, first of all, to make as precise a diagnosis as possible in a context that is, by definition, changing and uncertain. It seeks to better identify skills that are likely to be frequently requested in an increasingly digitalised and automated economy, and to assess the current state of skills in the French labour force against the yardstick of those new requirements. On the basis of that diagnosis, the Council puts forward the main strands of an overall strategy of skills transformation in the context of the digital revolution.