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Jeudi 25 Février 2016
The decline in productivity gains observed in all advanced countries over the past two decades represents one of the major policy challenges facing advanced economies today.
Solving the Productivity Conundrum

With this in mind, France Stratégie and the US Council of Economic Advisers (CEA) organized a closed-door, joint-seminar on the issue that took place in Paris on October 28, 2015, with: Torsten BELL (Resolution Foundation); Flora BELLONE (CNRS); Matt BROWNE (Center for American Progress); Marco BUTI (European Commission); Gilbert CETTE (Banque de France); Peter CLINCH (Irish National Competitiveness Council); Chiara CRISCUOLO (OECD); John FERNALD (Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco); Jason FURMAN (CEA); Giuseppe NICOLETTI (OECD); Jean PISANI-FERRY (France Stratégie) ; Xavier RAGOT (OFCE) ; Rebecca RILEY (NIESR) ; Jeromin ZETTELMEYER (Ministry of the Economy, Germany).

This paper sums up the main findings.


  • The fact on declining productivity
  • Explaining the productivity slowdown
  • Main takeaways
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