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  Latest News 06/02/17
  France Stratégie is a think tank resolutely committed to informing policy makers, academics, representatives of the business community and the general public. It also advises the French government on public policy, with its analysts exploring issues touching on sustainable development, the digital economy, the labour market, economics and social affairs. Though France Stratégie’s main working language is French, this newsletter offers a selection of recent articles and papers it has published in English on issues that resonate internationally.   

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France Stratégie is a government policy institute devoted to assessing different policy options and making recommendations to the Prime Minister. It also anticipates future trends affecting the economy and society by serving as a forum for debating topical issues and providing a strategic vision for the country as a whole. Combining breadth with depth, its research covers four main fields: employment, sustainable development, economics and social issues.




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