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Vendredi 28 Novembre 2014
In order to target ‘sustainable’ or ‘quality’ growth, we need to measure not only GDP growth but also the social, environmental and productive legacy that we are leaving to future generations.
Measuring the quality of growth: which indicators?

In line with the conclusions of the Stiglitz-Sen-Fitoussi Commission on measuring social progress, this paper proposes seven indicators that can complement GDP in a scoreboard on the quality of French growth: change over time in stocks of productive physical and intangible assets in relation to GDP; the percentage of adults aged 25-64 that have earned the equivalent of a high-school degree; the percentage of artificial land cover; the annual French carbon footprint, imports included; the ratio between income held by the wealthiest fifth of the population and income held by the poorest fifth; net public debt in relation to GDP; and net external debt in relation to GDP.

Because they represent real societal choices, these seven indicators must be submitted to public discussion.

Indicators of the quality of growth in 2014

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Summary: Measuring the quality of growth: which indicators?

  • How to measure sustainability?
  • What kind of scoreboard?
  • Authors: Géraldine Ducos, in collaboration with Blandine Barreau, Sustainable Development Department

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Géraldine Ducos
Blandine Barreau