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Lundi 06 Avril 2020
France Stratégie's mission is to provide public authorities, as well as all our fellow citizens, with original and useful insights for public decision-making about France's economic, environmental and social challenges, to formulate relevant public policy proposals, and to evaluate public policies, with a consistent regard for quality and openness.
Programme de travail 2020
France Stratégie publishes policy analyses and medium- and long-term forecasting studies to contribute to public decision-making and inform public opinion. All France Stratégie staff and most of their contacts are teleworking, which allows us to ensure the continuity of this mission while respecting the lockdown measures. We are thus in a position to complete and publish the work begun before the health crisis. At the same time, we are launching new work that will take into account the crisis itself and its consequences.

Read the full Annual Work Programme 2020

As in 2019, France Stratégie is building its 2020 work programme on six axes, each corresponding to a set of public policies:

  1. to make a successful ecological transition to a sustainable development model
  2. to adapt the productive system to the challenges of the 21st century
  3. to build effective policies for social progress
  4. to reduce structural unemployment
  5. to anticipate the future of work and its organisation
  6. to pursue a balanced and diversified development of territories

For France Stratégie, the year 2020 will be particularly marked by the completion of work underway and the publication of the results on the long-term perspectives for professions, conducted with the Dares, Jobs in 2030. This major project is an illustration of our know-how, a methodical approach imposing the highest standards for requirements on sources and modelling; a steering committee uniting all participants, and especially, the social partners; and finally, above all, the publication of results that shed new light on major issues for the country, including regional projections, the consideration of the competences issues, as well as several macroeconomic scenarios. Previous works have shown that these results are long-awaited ; they should enable the public to become aware of likely developments in each profession, and allow public and private officials to determine actions to be taken, especially in the context of the Productive Pact for Full Employmentto avoid a possible imbalance that could hinder growth and employment.

2020 will also see a number of important projects be launched, including the following, as part of the long-term goals : 

  1. An innovative approach compatible with the major impulse behind the 2019 work programme: to create the conditions for the cross-accounting of sustainability issues in public policies. Environmental (climate, biodiversity, etc.), social, economic, but also democratic (citizen participation) or territorial challenges: the various medium and long-term risks must be better integrated into the design, implementation and monitoring of public action, daily. France Stratégie is designing a seminar open to researchers, public, and private participants, to develop a common approach to these crucial issues.
  2. France Stratégie proposed to the Ministry of National Education, which agreed, to mount an effort to build a "shared prospective vision of employment and skills" in the education sector.
  3. Finally, France Stratégie was entrusted with the task of running the French side of the "Forum for the Franco-German future", as provided for in Article 22 of the Treaty of Aachen.

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