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Mercredi 08 Juin 2022
This work on electricity, road and rail transport and telecommunications networks highlights the vulnerability of their infrastructure at a time of climate change. Rising average temperatures and increasing heatwaves pose many risks, not least for active telecommunications network equipment. Uncertain future changes in high wind and storm patterns will have consequences for overhead network infrastructure (e.g. power lines or telecommunications).
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Most importantly, these networks are interlinked – both in everyday operation and in times of crisis – by numerous relationships of dependence, both physically and in consequence of the relationships between stakeholders. For example, electrical or telecommunications cables in close proximity to roads are affected by issues relating to those roads, and telecommunications networks are dependent on the power supplied to them. This tends to increase the vulnerability of networks to climate change. The measures taken in response to these risks remain only partial responses, which means that interdependencies must be fully factored into adaptation strategies.

To address these challenges and contribute to the development of the “Adaptation” component of France’s new Energy-Climate Strategy, France Stratégie has drawn up a series of actions for the State along three lines (see figure below): strengthening and sharing knowledge, establishing a system of national governance, and experimenting with adaptation strategies in volunteer regions that are subject to interdependence issues. All these initiatives could feed into large-scale exercises, such as a national risk assessment.

Three initiatives to facilitate the adaptation of network infrastructures to climate change,
taking interdependencies into account

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