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Mercredi 08 Juin 2022
This work on electricity, road and rail transport and telecommunication networks highlights us of the vulnerability of infrastructures, especially in the context of climate change. The rise in average temperatures and the intensification of heat waves represent risks, particularly for active equipment in the telecommunication networks. The uncertain evolutions of of winds and storms regimes will impact on the aerial infrastructures of the networks (electric or telecommunications lines, for example).
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Above all, these networks are interrelated, under standard operations as well as during crisis, by numerous links of dependence, either physical or from the relationships between stakeholders. For example, electrical or telecommunications cables in the immediate vicinity of roads are subject to the hazards affecting those, and telecommunications networks depend on their electrical supply. This tends to increase the vulnerability of networks towards climate change. he actions being implemented to manage those risks are still partial, which means that interdependencies must be fully taken into account in the context of adaptation strategies.

In order to respond to tackle the challenges and contribute to the development of the "Adaptation" section of the upcoming French energy-climate strategy, France Strategie suggests three orientations for the State's action (see figure below): strengthening and sharing knowledge, setting up national governance, and experimenting adaptation strategies in voluntary territories that integrate interdependence issues. All these initiatives could contribute to large-scale exercises, such as a national risk assessment.

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